Representative Projects, Section 106 Compliance

411 W. Oak, 711 Remington, and 1305 South Shields Street, Fort Collins, Colorado

On behalf of the City of Fort Collins Community Development and Neighborhood Services Department, Morgan, Angel & Associates have conducted a series of field surveys and documentations of potential historic properties across the City of Fort Collins.  These projects were conducted in compliance with the Secretary of Interior’s Standards for Preservation.  Morgan Angel has presented its determinations of historic eligibility before the Fort Collins Historic Preservation Commission on various occasions over the past year.


West Colfax Avenue, Denver, Colorado

Morgan, Angel & Associates is currently involved in preparing an ambitious survey of 7.5 miles of West Colfax Avenue through the communities of Lakewood and Golden, Colorado. The project will result in a historic context, the first survey for the National Register of many historic properties within the corridor and Lakewood launching a variety of promotional programs celebrating the community’s heritage.

In June of 2014, Kristen and Robert Autobee began guiding a group of volunteers to record approximately 500 buildings more than 48 years old along seven miles of West Colfax Avenue through Lakewood,  Colorado.  The research will continue into 2015 when several projects will be completed,  including a historic  context  detailing West Colfax's  development and other projects celebrating the avenue's historic significance.