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State of Alaska v. United States, Docket 93-454 L, U. S. Court of Federal Claims
"Alaska: Statehood, Land Grants and Mineral Leasing Revenues," prepared by Morgan, Angel & Associates, is a history of Alaska's quest for statehood with particular emphasis on the process, the land grants made in the Alaska Enabling Act, the state's land selection process, and Alaska's contentions with respect to language in the Act concerning mineral and mineral leasing revenues.

State of Arizona v. United States, Docket 93-315 L, U. S. Court of Federal Claims
Lands granted in the Arizona Enabling Act of 1910, but which were withdrawn by the United States during a national emergency, were the subject of this claim by Arizona. Two reports were written: "Exchange of State Trust Lands of the Barry M. Goldwater Air Force Range, 1941-1995," and "Examination by Tract of 65 Tracts Containing Approximately 81,000 acres at the Barry M. Goldwater Gunnery Range."

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