Representative Projects, Indian Claims

Gila River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community v. United States, Docket 236, U. S. Court of Federal Claims

Morgan, Angel & Associates furnished expert witness services to the U. S. Department of Justice on several issues in the 1980s for this Indian Claims Commission case. Three reports were written: "The United States Field Station at Sacaton, Arizona, 1907-1956," which chronicled a cooperative venture between the Bureau of Plant Industry and the Bureau of Indian Affairs which resulted in the development of an extra-long staple cotton known as Pima Cotton; "Water Diversion for National Defense: The Phelps-Dodge Settlement with the San Carlos Irrigation Project," a history of the diversion of water for the wartime production of copper; and "Subjugation and Cropping on the Gila River Indian Reservation, 1929-1951," which described the BIA project that constructed the Coolidge Dam and reclaimed 100,000 acres of arid lands.

Pueblo of Santo Domingo v. United States, Docket 355, U. S. Court of Federal Claims
Pueblo of San Ildefonso v. United States, Docket 354, U. S. Court of Federal Claims

Morgan Angel provided expert services in these cases. In Santo Domingo, we put together three public policy studies: (1) "Santo Domingo and Los Cerrillos: The Effect of Federal Policies Upon the Santo Domingo Boundary and Public Domain Lands in Los Cerrillos;" (2) "Public Land Policies and the Los Cerrillos Region, 1854-1879;" and (3) "Public Policies, Private Lands and the Santo Domingo Pueblo." In San Ildefonso we developed "Public Policy and the Pueblo of San Ildefonso: Extinguishment of Aboriginal Title" and "The Pueblo of San Ildefonso, 1924-1961: Public Policy Issues Concerning the Pueblo Lands Act and the Ramon Vigil Grant."

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